Prodotti Best Melon





Variety of yellow-skinned melon. The plant is very rustic and it fits properly in different temperature of cultivation, by resisting in a good way tol the main adversities and with a good tolerance towards the Odium problem. Flowering is abundant even in difficult conditions with excellent fruit setting. The shape of the fruit is oval, with excellent size already in precocious transplantation. The pulp is compact with a very crunchy orange color and an intense and fruity taste. The sugar level is very high even when the plant is grafted and it gives to the fruit a very pleasant taste. The internal cavity is very small and compact. Fragrant fruits with a covering texture. The turning of the slice from green to yellow is slow giving the fruit a good shelf life. The combination of these peculiar characteristics makes this variety unique.

The variety combines precocity and productivity at the highest levels of the market with high quality.