Prodotti Best Melon





Variety of green-skinned melon and salmon flesh for a early transplantation. The shape of the fruit is round-oval, with an average weight of about 1.2 - 1.4 kg. The pulp is solid with a very crunchy salmon color and a fruity taste. The sugar level is very high even when the plant is grafted and it gives to the fruit a very pleasant taste. The internal cavity is small and solid. Post-harvest storage stands at the highest market levels (LSL). The combination of these peculiar characteristics makes this variety be unique. The plant is very rustic and it is adapted both to different climates of cultivation, especially in the early transplantation. It resists properly to the main adversities, above all against the oidium. Flowering is abundant even in difficult conditions with abundant fruit step.


Cycle: Unripe

HR: Fom 0, 1, 2

IR: Px